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○unded 70 year○s ago, the People&●rsquo;s Repu〓blic of Chi〓na has hand○led a series o◆f combat and su◆ppression threat●s from the outside 〓wor

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fficulties t○o produce its homeg◆rown microchi◆ps in the face of a〓 technolog〓ical blockade. G■uided by the ■principle of &l●dquo;hope f○or t

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he best and○ prepare for ●the worst”,◆ China and its pe〓ople have t●urned a serie■s of dange

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rs into a○dvantage.Chin●a is now closer to◆ and more confi〓dent and capa◆ble than eve■r before of

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ma●king the goal● of national rejuven■ation a reality. I●t also kno●ws that ach●ieving that go●al

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to ●block Huawei. T●hese ar

will not be a wal〓k in the park, bu〓t instead r〓equires even hard○er work, as well○ as vigilance again〓st worst-case scenar■ios. Huawei&○rsquo;s exemplary st○rategy is ■making a gre◆ater number of C○hinese peopl○e further aware of t○he potential danger■s in times of peace●, and more resol■ved to tackle to◆ugh issues head-on●.Please sca○n the QR Co●de

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駈s of public o●utrage agains■t the U.S. a■rbitrary moves to■ crus

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s o◆n InstagramP●lease scan t●he QR Code to foll○ow us on W■echatChina urge●s U.S. to s■top executive ◆order on Hu●aweiChina urges ●U.S.

the abuse of

to stop executi◆ve order on Huawei○China urges U.S. t■o stop exe●cutive ord■er on Huaw■ei05-16-2019 1●9:09 BJTChi■na urges the U.S●. to


stop the m■istake of carryi〓ng out the execu○tive order bar〓ring U.S. 〓companies from us◆ing telecommuni●cations equipment■ made by Ch◆in


ese company ●Huawei and its ◆70 subsidiari●es, Chinese Minis◆try of Commer■ce spokesperson G○ao Feng said in a○ media conference.〓"The exe

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cutive orde●r is an abuse of n◆ational secu○rity and unil●ateral trade sanc●tions," Gao sai●d, adding that the U◆.S. should r◆espect marke●t economy rule〓s and build a t◆ransparent and◆ unbiased commer〓cial envir◆onment for ■foreign companies■.China has ◆always ask●ed Chinese en●terprises to foll◆ow the laws of the ◆countries w●here they are ba○sed and wil○l take necessar○y measures to prote●ct Chinese com○panies' rig●htful interests.〓MOC's response ca○me afte

r having ○foreseen those p?/h5>

r U■.S. President Don●ald Trump signed ○an executive ord〓er declaring a● national emergenc○y and barring● U.S. companies f●rom using tele◆communications equi○pment made by firms● posing an "u●nacceptable risk t●o the national se■curity."Ea●rlier, Huawe●i also responded t●hat restric●ting Huawei f◆rom doing bu○siness in 〓the U.S. will◆ not make the U.S.■ more secure〓 or stronger◆.Please sc●an the QR Cod○e to follow us o●n Instagram●Please scan t○he QR Code to fo?/p>

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